Saturday, April 14, 2012

Facebook will offer information about the IP address of the users

A new tool of the social network will allow to his users to unload information related to the IP addresses across which they have entered to the service, previous used names and requests of made friendship.

The giant of the social networks Facebook will allow that his users could unload new information of the record of his profile. The measure will be started soon as the company reported in his official blog and it will offer, among other things, a list of the IP addresses across which the internaut has connected 

The new tool will optimize to the already available platform in the service, which allows to realize backups of the files (photographies, videoes, texts, lists of friendship) that the user has raised Facebook. Previous names and requests of made friendship also will be available for his unload in the shape of record.

From Palo Alto they informed that the service will be available in a gradual way for all the users and one will be able to accede to her entering to the configuration of the account. 

Nevertheless, that formless Facebook on IP addresses is a motive of discord and has generated the rejection of protection agencies of the rights of the users. These entities seek to stimulate regulations in order that the social network does not send this information to third parties without authorization of them the involved persons.

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