Sunday, April 15, 2012

For the first time in 15 years, Nokia loses the world leadership in sales of mobiles

A notable decrease in the turnover relegated to the company of Finnish origin to the second place, to hands of his archirrival Samsung, after more than one decade and a half consecutive as leading in the global sale of mobiles.

From 1996, with the launch of the model 9000 Communicator, Nokia it has supported systematicly the first position in world sales of mobile devices, resting especially on products of great mechanical solidity and under cost, since always remembered Nokia 1100, of which more than 200 million units were sold. 

But the conditions were changing and in spite of that Nokia has managed to support till now the first position in sales, his rivals were approaching increasingly, catching little by little key portions of certain sectors of the market that Nokia neglected or could not face due.

It is so after 2011 with big economic losses, the numbers of sales were confirmed for the first quarter of 2012. In the official report it is indicated during the first part of this year Nokia it sold 83 million equipments, including to 10 millions with Symbian and 2 millions of the flaming model Lumia. 

These numbers think below the total of units sold by Samsung, that with his line Galaxy it is beating records of sale in the whole world; and even it is inspected that Apple also might overcome in number of units Nokia and displace it to the third position.

Of I remind the analysts, the reasons of the decrease owe to the situation on the Asian market, where the growth of brands like HTC and Samsung that offer equipments of low cost in direct competition against Nokia have throbbed duramente to the company of Finnish origin. 

Till now Nokia's strategy has been based on the massive production of economic terminuses for emergent markets, since still it could not obtain any notable success inside the segment of the smartphones. Certainly, the launch of the line Lumia is a strong bet, which might return to Nokia the laurels that it preserved for so many years and that a welcome alternative would represent on the market of the mobile devices.

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