Saturday, March 3, 2012

EE.UU seeks to catch criminals using Twitter

They created a challenge to find the largest 5 people a simulator created by the government, the prize: $ 5,000.

The Department of Defense United States will begin in late March a project which sought to capture criminals using the popular microblogging social network Twitter. Although it seems a kind of joke, the first stage of the project will be a contest where the person to "catch" more thieves receive a prize of $ 5,000.

The so-called "Tag Challenge" wants to prove to the CIA and the police to track suspects and can catch them while they perform illegal acts by monitoring your tweets.

The story will give the participants is as follows: "Five jewel thieves are loose in the city of New York, Washington, London, Stockholm and Bratislava. On 31 March in each city at 8am the contest organizers published a photo of each thief. Contestants will have 12 hours to search and upload a photo of them when they are. "

It should be mentioned to find 5 people out of millions will not be easy and will require a team effort. This platform seeks to replace the strategy used for a long time poster of "Most Wanted".

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