Saturday, March 3, 2012

Ubuntu 12.04 and Precise Pangolin Beta is almost here

We are just over a month of one of the great events of the year for "Linux user world": the release of Ubuntu 12.04.

April is coming and, true to his custom, Canonical will make the presentation for the new version of Ubuntu, in this case 12.04 (remember they are released twice a year: one in April and one in October).

The date is now made official: will on April 26, but until we can test the LTS Beta 1 will be available this week through this link, under the name of Precise Pangolin.

The main change is a change in the interface from Unity 5.4 that will incorporate technology HUD (Head-Up Display). While it will come built by default, we will be able to disable it. The concept of the classic HUD is to eliminate as File or Edit menus in both the system itself as in various applications. Instead we start simply type part of any of its options, so that we propose an overlay interface actions to take. For example, if we want to browse and access bookmarks, simply start typing the word.

For some this may be much more cumbersome to click with the mouse, but otherwise you could say things much easier when you can not remember where is the option you need. Also, Mark Shuttleworth, CEO of Canonical, said that already are working on a speech recognition system for HUD (is the Siri of Ubuntu).

Another addition are the shortcuts to recently used applications, as well as for files and downloads. We will also have access to quick lists that include sections such as Applications, Files and Folders, Music or Videos.

Turning to more technical questions, Ubuntu 4.12 will be supported by the Linux kernel and includes 3.2.0-17.27 enabled by default RC6 Intel technology for power management in processors Sandy Bridge, which could reduce energy consumption 40 to 60% (fundamental for laptops).

Finally, it confirmed some of the applications that are attached to this proposal:

Office Suite: LibreOffice 3.5
Browser: Firefox 11
Music player: Rhythmbox

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