Friday, March 16, 2012

Nokia confirms the production of a tablet to compete with the iPad

Marko Ahtisaari, chief designer of the Finnish firm confirmed to half of that country that Nokia is working on a tablet to compete with Apple's iPad.

The bet will be great and will later this year. Nokia would begin to compete with Apple in one of the areas where the Cupertino company is most successful: the tablets.

RedUSERS overtook him in a few days ago, and now, in an interview with the media Kauppalehti Optio, a Finnish financial publication, the chief designer of Nokia, Marko Ahtisaari, the tablet that the firm is already a reality, and dedicate said one-third of their time only to this project, but gave no further details on technical data or product launch that would compete directly with Apple's iPad.

Rumors spoke of 200 000 10-inch tablet running Windows 8 and Qualcomm dual-core processors, shipping in the fourth quarter of 2012.

Stephen Elop, CEO of Nokia, acknowledged in 2011 the interest of Nokia to enter the world of tablets, but said they had no plans to launch a device itself, "there are now over 200 different tablets on the market and only one is selling well, "adding" I do not make the number 201 ".

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