Sunday, March 11, 2012

Apple could change its logo during 2012

The company would be considering changing its logo to try to have a new corporate image.

A small detail is filtered at the conference that made ​​Apple. Every year after finishing each of his presentations appears the CEO or the person in authority this saying some final words with the logo of the company behind. This last presentation step something never seen before, came a phrase that left everyone really paranoid and do not show any logo.

Apple is a company that has associated his name almost as its logo. One can mention the company name or just say "the apple company" or "bitten apple" and automatically sae that is being discussed. At first logo was an apple with some colored stripes, then became completely black, then vary between 2 metallic colors.

Apparently the new logo of the company back to its roots, this time using the same colors as their first logo but mixed in a gradient. This marketing technique is also using Microsoft logo in the latest version of its Windows operating system.

Rumors suggest that the death of Steve Jobs, the company could get to take another route to try to be with a new look, a new corporate image. It was not until June when they are expected to present the new iPhone and see what will happen with your logo. Meanwhile in the Apple offices in San Francisco you can see the following:

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