Saturday, April 14, 2012

Philippe Starck was saying to be working with Apple, but Apple denied everything

Interviewed by a French radio, the recognized designer advanced that it was employed with Apple at a revolutionary project. A spokeswoman of Apple desmintió.

The designer Philippe Starck had declared to be working in " very revolutionary " I project with Apple, which would see the light in approximately eight months, but it limited itself to not doing any more declarations on the individual for respect to the " worship to the secret " of Apple. 

Starck of 63 years, commented that he was visiting monthly the deceased ex-CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs. " For seven years I it went to see Palo Alto, and I am going to go on Monday because in spite of the fact that it is dead now I am going to see his wife. We were charmed with speaking on interesting things ", was saying on Jobs the guru of the design.

Some hypotheses were woven on the sayings of the designer on Friday: would Stark be employed at a renovation of the iPhone or of the iPad? Would he be the Frenchman one of the keys from Apple's redesign to the television? None of them, it seemed. 

Upset hours after this rumor was coming out on the basis of Starck's declarations, consulted by AllThigsD a spokeswoman of Apple denied the existence of any type of project as a whole.

Likewise, and without venturing to what Starck might have referred when he was speaking about a "revolutionary" I project with Apple, there are records of which Steve Jobs was employed from 2009 with the designer at a yacht of minimalist aesthetics and glass walls. Maybe it was it and to Philippe Starck simply it gained the emotion him.

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