Thursday, April 12, 2012

Microsoft would finance developers to extend his offer of applications

The company wants to have more options in the Windows Phone Marketplace, which alone possesses 70 thousand titles, and reduce the distance with his principal competitors: App Store and Google Play

The fight between the principal companies of technology centres every time on the market of applications, and Microsoft, the recognized giant of the software, does not want to lose area.

At present, Apple with his App Store is the company that major quantity of apps has available, with a catalogue that overcomes 600 thousand titles for his different mobile devices.

Google Play, Android's shop, follows him very closely, with more than 500 thousand applications. While Windows Phone Marketplace scarcely overcomes 70 thousand titles.

Though the platform of Redmond's company is relatively new, the disadvantage with his competitors is well-known and is because of it the company it decided to finance developers to be able to possess a major offer of applications.

Between the chosen ones the managers would be of creating the software for Foursquare, Facebook and the application of the North American diary New York Times.

Microsoft did not confirm still the news, but it is not incurring any illegal practice either, only it seeks to improve his operating system for mobiles and not to lose area before his competitors.

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