Thursday, April 12, 2012

The majority of files unloaded into Hotfile are a software open source

To this conclusion there came a study of Duke's University, which result ends up by contradicting the accusation of " digital theft " of the MPAA against Hotfile

The argument that was fencing does a couple of months the MPAA in opposition to the cyberlocker Hotfile, accusing to the service of being one of the principal impellers of the digital theft and piracy, there is dismantled before this study of Duke University, who reveals that the majority of the files unloaded from Hotfile correspond to free software.

The justification of the MPAA like spokesman of the industry hollywoodense to take root in a denunciation in opposition to Hotfile, was that the service should not be allowed since it is a question Megaupload as an offenders' paradise of the identical copyright. Even they based this affirmation with a "expert", who was revealing that more than 90 % of all the unloads in the site was illegal.

Following the same line that the priests of the cinematographic industry, Hotfile there entrusted him a report to the teacher in laws of Duke University James Boyle, who became discredited in another paper labelling it of " slightly scientific ", and revealing in turn that, in rigor indeed, the exchange of fraudulent files in Hotfile is really restricted. For case, though without using percentages, Boyle exposed both files most disburdened of the site: the applications IREB and Sn0wbreeze with 885.583 and 629.783 you come out respectively, both open source.

After emphasizing these principal unloaded files, Boyle specified that many developers of software use the service to generate earnings for his projects, and emphasized in addition some versions Creative Commons of movies or Huckleberry Finn's versions of public domain that are shared by means of the cyberlocker. Boyle adds that Hotfile user or professional provides a very important function to level, since the alternatives are small to share files of great size: " Hotfile provides a very expensive service to the Internet architecture. To transfer big files for the network is difficult. The maximum limit for an enclosure in Gmail is 25 Mb, whereas the majority of the services of e-mail have lower limits ".

And it continues, more that clear, " developers of applications open source or independent filmmakers who collaborate in a movie of free license not always have his own servants from which sharing his material. The growth of the distribution of creative activities in Internet suggests that the already coomendable task of services like Hotfile should grow in the future ".

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