Saturday, April 14, 2012

Canonical might throw a mobile SO based on Ubuntu

According to an advertisement of employment spread by the company desarrolladora of the software, they would be in the search a Chief of business Development. His work would be to finalize details of the putting in march of a new operating system for smartphones.

An advertisement of employment spread recently by Canonical would have revealed the plans of the company to develop a mobile operating system based on Ubuntu. This would constitute a new attempt of the signature to enter to the world of the intelligent telephones, after his Ubuntu's project for Android presented in the MWC 2012. 

As it has come out, the name of the project would be Ubuntu Phone YOU and the position to covering will be that of Business Development Manager (Chief of business Development). The advertisement says the following thing:

" Canonical is looking for a Chief of business Development to take part and to develop solid relations with the partners of the industry in the period before the putting in Ubuntu's march as operating system for intelligent telephones. 

The selected candidate will have to be a professional emphasized inside the ecosystems of intelligent telephones, with previous experience with companies manufacturers of telephones and operators of telecommunications. "

Canonical and Ubuntu tried repeated times to enter on the mobile market, with unlike success. To Ubuntu Mobile, a project presented in 2009 that did not manage to prosper, the mobile distributions followed Kubuntu Mobile and the version ARM of the SO. 

will Canonical's search be really orientated to the development of a new mobile SO? Or simply it will be tied to the project " Ubuntu for Android "?. Surely let's have the response in a little time.

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