Sunday, April 15, 2012

Band Pro seeking damages against ARRI and Michael Bravin, expects to get its data back

Should you ever get the itch to illegally peek at a former employer's servers, take a lesson from Michael Bravin: don't. The former ARRI executive's adventures in corporate espionage have landed him nothing but trouble. Although Bravin's previous plea agreement required him to pay back Band Pro for damages and legal fees, the outfit is now seeking punitive damages against both ARRI and Bravin himself. "Band Pro is informed and believes, and thereupon alleges that Glenn Kennel and Bill Russel, executives of ARRI, had firsthand knowledge of Bravin's hacking activities," asserts the recently filed complaint. In addition to damages, Band Pro is seeking orders requiring ARRI to return all information acquired from the said hacking and the destruction of "all business plans and strategies developed in reliance" of that information. Check out the PDF yourself for Band Pro's full list of demands and a detailed outline of its thirteen accusations against ARRI -- we'll let you know how things go down if the trial pans out.

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