Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Apple plans to release an iPad would 7-inch

The success of his tablet of 10 inches, it led to Cupertino's company to thinking about the possibility of throwing a device of minor size, similar to the Samsung Galaxy Tab. Steve Jobs assured in his moment that an equipment of these characteristics would not triumph

The rumors of which Apple would be developing an iPad of 7,85 inches continue growing, and now there was announced that an equipment of these characteristics would be in full development. According to the come out information it would possess a resolution of 1024 x 768, the same one that the first tablet of the signature.

Nevertheless, on having had a screen of minor size, the density of pixels would diminish for inch to 163, against the 264 of the new iPad or the 326 of the iPhone 4s.

Apple's tablet in his traditional format has a size of 10 inches. With this reduction, those of Cupertino would possess an option similar to the Samsung Galaxy Tab, which it would allow them to compete more directly.

Steve Jobs always objected to this type of projects, and clarified very in that to his judgment the tablets of 7 inches would not .

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