Sunday, March 11, 2012

Reddit saved the life of a man

Bear Silber, a user of Reddit, recognized his symptoms in a comment from a photo on the social network, and found to be suffering from a rare glandular condition that his doctors had not detected.

Bear Silber was very active in his youth. He ran marathons, practiced snowboarding and hiking, and numerous sports, but reaching adulthood began to develop a particularly debilitating condition: he began to feel severe pain, and in his own words, "I could hardly walk or climb a flight of stairs without having to take a break. "

Passed the blood tests and analysis and their doctors could not give the diagnosis. This was until one day, surfing Reddit, observed an image (which was rising in tone funny, I must say, and some comments acted upon), and reading the reviews recognized the symptoms. "I was sick for 5 years and seriously ill for 2," says Silber, and helps us take the time dimension can be lost before a diagnósitco misleading.

The medical condition called Cushing's syndrome, also known as hypercortisolism. One of the main causes of this condition are pituitary adenomas (benign tumors in the pituitary gland), which can cause the gland by an overproduction of prolactin, growth hormone or ACTH, depending on the case. It is the overproduction of the latter that causes Cushing's disease by overstimulation of the adrenal glands and excess cortisol production. Left untreated, Silber would like that man.

Recognizing the symptoms visited with the findings to your doctor, who did not take into account self-diagnosis of his patient, and railed to the internet, because, in the opinion of the physician, through the network "thinks anyone who is a doctor ".

Bear Silber did not stop and visited an endocrinologist, who diagnosed (finally) Cushing's syndrome. Surgery by him were excised gland and the tumor, and already in recovery, Silber projects a book to tell the world their story.

In the video (which is very cool) the same Bear gives more details. And citing Silber, "the story begins sad, but better .."

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