Saturday, March 3, 2012

Operation Exposure against Anonymous: The legal keys

Anonymous features, the lack of official information on these issues and the process carried out in Spain and Argentina revived the issue. Legislative needs.

"We have police on our shadow" announced the Anonymous account of Spain on twitter about the procedures being carried out in different countries including Spain, Argentina, Chile and Colombia.

The mega operation called "Exposure" being conducted by Interpol against different people have been assisted in Argentina Division High Technology Crimes and Criminal Analysis of the Federal Police.

Computer crimes are in focus in these operations and to different computer systems attacks made general allegations point to different places and is mentioned as the only group Anonymous.

Interpol operations undertaken in great secrecy a general store, which collaborates with the process of disinformation and also does not help in raising awareness of the reality that is installed.

The cyber activism is now a reality and a sign of discontent and complaints about practices that are related to political decisions, social and economic. In particular access to content, freedom of information and opinion, and the preservation of privacy are the main attractions.

The local connection of n
Little is really known of the activities of Anonymous in Argentina and beyond, or twitter account some publications which claims a particular action by the shape of the structure of n is very difficult to identify and to specify the actions.

They met both in 2011 as this year different actions. The most resounding was in reaction to the prosecution of the owners of Taringa! and one-of-performed this year against the site Musimundo - Megatone by false information censorship Miranda Group who had spoken against the entertainment industry.

In view of the characteristics of these groups, the Attorney General, Ricardo Saenz argues cybercrime expert on the characteristics of the group that "many people it is very technologically skilled and often well-intentioned, who believes that these actions are available legitimate results "pean also clarifies that" In many other cases, people who want to fold hurt by these attacks "that constitute the legal difference necessary to qualify the attacks.

Daniel Monasterky, CEO Identity Stolen clarifies the confusion generated by not being able to attribute a particular attack "We have heard of several operations that initially had been attributed to Anonymous, but later clarified that the same organization had nothing to do with them. "

The horizontal structure of n does not help in identifying partners and there is no valid, any attack rises and some of the information that is unclear and often is manipulated to produce a particular effect.

Processes carried in Argentina
Actions taken just days ago by Interpol were different in their information and local communication. In the case of Spain divulge information and has been part of the operation by the National Police, although some information was preserved because among those arrested were minors.

In Argentina there have been raids that resulted in identification of ten people in Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, Tucuman and Cordoba. None of these people are under arrest and judicial information is unknown that has motivated.

Clarifies Monastersky in Operation Exposure, the main complaint was filed in Spain and there was collaboration between the two police officers to successfully achieve the extent in Argentina. Expanded further that "In this type of case, which identifies people from such diverse nationalities, it is necessary to have well-oiled mechanisms so that the raids are carried out successfully and simultaneously in all countries."

The Computer Crimes Act
In Argentina it has a specific law to the issue, the Computer Crime Law 26,388 was enacted in 2008 and incorporated in the Penal Code, certain actions such as unauthorized access to computer systems and / or violation of systems confidentiality and data security with the intent to harm others.

Computer crimes are difficult to investigate on the characteristics of the processes and the technical level of those who perform it. Saenz said that the "denial of service or defacing are difficult to investigate, in fact the cause-of-Exposure took several months of research."

Technical processes also have their experts in the research, we try to identify the IP address of attackers becomes extremely difficult for masking technologies they use, but it will eventually succeed.

Consultation of specific legislation in this area Bortnik Sebastian, Manager of Education and Services ESET Latin America noted that "In general all that relates to the computer, it is important to accompany the evolution laws."

The evolution of legislation is needed on this subject and many others to determine and allow a clear basis for judicial application to various conflicts. Bortnik express that "in Argentina, the law of sexual harassment over the Internet or Grooming, has been partially approved and citizens is still awaiting final sanction for this offense is penalized as it is in other countries."

Importantly, greater accuracy is required of the media on certain practices and classifications, the classification of certain accionares deliberate judicial conduct without causing confusion and partial information on certain topics. It should be clear and consistent on these points.

Legislative initiatives underway and the civil society discussion on these points seem very important because information on these issues is key and should be a process of sharing and agreement of all stakeholders.

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