Saturday, March 10, 2012

New iPad, new iOS ... and new Jailbreak!

Echoes still ring the announcement of iPhone OS 5.1 and already have a version that applies Redsn0w tethered jailbreak (not computers A5).

We have among us the new iPad edition of the famous Apple tablet facing a 2012 with new features that include up changing their logo.

But iPhone or iPad or be what they are if not for IOS, the mobile operating system was also updated to version 5.1. Among the benefits of this new proposal of software (besides the typical solutions to various bugs) include:

The application used by the video camera now stabilized.
Siri now supports English, French, German and Japanese (And the Castilian when?).
Now you can delete photos from the Photo Stream.
Face detection now highlights all the faces in focus.
He turned to optimize battery consumption.
Improvement to the sound while playing streaming TV or movies.
You can access the camera from the lock screen.
A color data: United States, the update that was applied to the iPhone 4S through AT & T added the icon 4G, since it incorporates support for HSPA + networks up to 16 Mbps But one detail is not smaller than the iPhone 4S does not include a chip 4G, so that the icon is not moved more than a "marketinera". In fact, neither Verizon nor Sprint made ​​this change.

And what many expected: a just hours of announced and released the update, Redsn0w, the herrramienta known to Jailbreak also 0.9.10b6 updated to version 5.1 with support for IOS in a tethered, but for now excluding processor computers A5 (iPad 2 or higher, and iPhone 4S). If you have an iPhone 2 or iPhone 4S may have provided untethered jailbreak using iOS 5.01 or less (using Absinthe as a tool for the process).

Reds0w 0.9.10b6 for Windows is available via this link and Mac via this link.

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