Sunday, March 4, 2012

Now you can play hockey with an iPhone

The signature G-Form, a manufacturer of covers for mobile devices, released a new spot where Apple's smartphone is used as a "puck." Will it survive the shock?

We're not talking about a game, nor in any application available on the AppStore. Those who want iPhone users break of service playing hockey may do so using your device as a "puck", thanks to the ultra-resistant covers made ​​by G-Form.

This company, which has previously made ​​other viral video which demonstrates the strength of its products, decided to go a step further in achieving its curious "crash test". The last spot revealed by the firm shows how the famous Apple smartphone is impacted by a professional Ice Hockey, which triggers the device more than 130 km / h.

Let us agree that if there is something absent in Latin America is the practice of this sport. But for the handful of enthusiasts who also owns a iPhone, one of these cases you may come in handy.

We only have one doubt. ¿Survived the impact the iPhone? In the video XD

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