Friday, March 2, 2012

MWC 2012: Nokia 808 device PureView voted best

The innovative smartphone from Nokia was chosen as the best team in the Mobile WorldCongress 2012 in Barcelona.

We knew the details of its launch at Mobile World Congress was an innovative team, and that would be taken carefully into account for 2012. Obviously Nokia was not wrong.

A jury composed of journalists and analysts, evaluating all teams presented during the congress, was elected to the Nokia 808 PureView "Best Terminal, Tablet Device orMobile World Congress 2012." "These are the first signs of our strategy. That we are back. That we are bringing great products to our consumers, and that this is just the beginningThere is much more yet, "he declared, adventurous, Jo Harlow, NokiaExecutive Vice President in charge of developments in smartphones signature on the prize won by the 808 PureView.

The 2012 edition of Mobile World Congress, which has been developing all week, then concluded with good news for the Finnish mark, who after play some cards with their 808 (the cutting edge of new technology Nokia PureView) saw results quickly promising, at least with the giants of the mobile phone industryduring their Spanish event.

As we had recently in RedUSERS, the Nokia 808 is the first to include PureView Prosystem with high resolution sensor of 41 Megapixel and Carl Zeiss optics, as well asenlarged capture per pixel graphics unit that generates a much more information, and allows images to be of much higher quality to a possible zoomthis to name just some of the features of the new monarch Iberian smartphones.

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