Thursday, March 1, 2012

Dotcom spoke after his release from prison: "I have proof of my innocence"

The controversial founder of Megaupload granted his first interview after parole and challenged U.S. authorities: "I can win."

Kim "Dotcom" Schmitz, the controversial founder of Megaupload, gave his first interview after being granted parole last week and said he has evidence to prove his innocence against accusations of piracy of U.S. authorities.

In remarks to the newspaper "New Zealand Herald," Dotcom declared his innocence and even dared to challenge their applicants, the U.S. Department of Justice and the FBI: "For every email that is included in the indictment, I have another hundred to refute."

The entrepreneur, who is awaiting the start of extradition proceedings requested by the United States in August, said the charges brought against him to perform the operation in which he was imprisoned and closed Megaupload, represent only a small part of the picture and accused U.S. authorities of showing "one side of the coin."

"How do you choose the evidence so misleading and malicious?" Dotcom mused, adding that during his time in prison, sitting in his cell he repeated to himself "Why are they doing that? They can not win. "

According to Schmitz, the charges against those ignoring evidence that personally tried to prevent hackers from accessing the platform from Megaupload and had a team of about 20 people responsible for removal of content that its servers could be violating laws intellectual property.

Dotcom closed the interview by expressing his desire to continue living in New Zealand. "This is the country where I live and where I want my children to grow. I love it, "he said. In turn, the High Court New Zealander confirmed his parole and release of a large sum of money to pay creditors and expenses.

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