Sunday, March 4, 2012

The cars will be uploaded to the cloud

Under the new scheme is proposed that computer from smartphones, tablets and new operating systems, Intel is already investing in integrating this with our cars.

In spite of the philosophy of pundits like Richard Stallman, the cloud points inescapably to be the hub of information technology in all areas that it can achieve, including automobiles. Both Microsoft and Apple are very clear that Windows and MacOS X should abandon the concept of local content management, moving to an integration of both desktop and laptop devices to share files and settings from the cloud. In fact it works in Ubuntu itself from its upcoming smartphones, tablets and smart TVs, added to its cloud computing system Ubuntu One

Returning to the subject of cars, the news is that Intel created a fund of 100 million dollars to invest in the development of technology to integrate the onboard computers of cars with the cloud.

Thus, the idea of Intel is that our vehicle is transformed into a kind of gadget giant, and interact in a much more fluent with computers, can begin to incorporate technologies such as GPS navigation more precise, night vision, conduct semi-automated, automatic adaptation to traffic conditions and routes, and safety checks more accurate.

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