Monday, March 5, 2012

The Android 6.0 is called "Key Lime Pie"

Not yet released version 5.0 of Android, but names are being considered for his successor.

Key Lime Pie Android would be the name that The Verge mentioned (with unnamed but "reliable" in Goolge) as the successor to the still-unreleased Android 5.0 Jelly Bean.

The presentation of the sixth version of the Google operating system would be in 2013, and from the search insist the idea of ​​following the alphabetic progression OS versions with the names of desserts (in this case touched the letter K), developers elected to the tart made with lime juice, condensed milk and eggs to name the new version of Android.

The information was leaked by the same source who committed the middle name would have the version 5.0, which, as we know, is called Jelly Bean. For now, without further explanation, and as mentioned in The Verge, we have go used to the acronym "KLP" for the future of Android.

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