Tuesday, January 31, 2012

XFX Video PCIE HD6990 4096mb DDR5

The HD6000 has its new leader, the HD6990, a double core card (DUAL GPU) the most powerful on their series until the date.
The cooperative work of its two Cayman XT cores, give life to “Antilles” , which one offers an 830MHZ frequency, and at the same time a 4GB memory, offering in this way a superior presentation based on high resolutions. With this unique card, you will be able to enjoy every single detail at a deeply range. Moreover the power and efficiency of the HD6990 on 3D calculations will maintain a fascinating FSP rate, avoiding the well-known and annoying “lags” that make us mad every day. Finally, don’t forget that you can get this card right now at your local tech market, and turn yourself into a Pro Gamer, obtaining a great level thanks to the HD6990.

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